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H2Overture (a suite for the cycles of water)

This project evolved over a 5 year period as I recorded the natural sounds of water. During this time, I also learned to listen for the music in these water sounds, allowing the rain, rivers, oceans, and thunderstorms to evoke their own themes and feelings in me.

These elements became the initial ingredients for my contribution to this musical collaboration with mother nature.

In some cases, I enhanced or assisted the water sounds. For example, I once placed several canning jars in the rain, so that the water dripping from my roof onto their metal tops produced its own rhythms. This is an example of what I call "Scrapophony" -- the art of making music with found objects. In other cases, I was able to derive new sounds by electronically processing the water sounds I had recorded.

Finally, I added the sound of conventional, and sometimes not so conventional instruments to complement what was already there.

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